Electronic displays are everywhere – at the gym, in your home, in your car and on billboards. They are primarily used to display information in a form that it can be seen, even in the dark. Electronic displays come in both analogue and digital form. These devices can display digits and alphanumeric characters. They are often referred to as segment displays because they comprise segments which can be turned on and off to display desired information. Continue reading

Solenoid valves, or solenoids, are devices that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, thereby creating a magnetic reaction; this occurs every time an electric current makes its way through the wire in the solenoid. When a device is forced into motion, the solenoid activates it. These devices are usually used to power fluid and hydraulic systems.

Solenoids have different functionalities; they can be used to start your car or activate your sprinkler system Continue reading

Pressure sensors are usually used to measure the pressure of liquids or gases.  These devices act as transducers which convert energy from one form to another; they use the pressure of the liquid or gas to generate a signal. Pressure sensors can also be used to measure variables such as fluid flow, speed, and water level. There are different types of pressure sensors which have different functions in production. It is important to select the right pressure sensor for your application so that it can function optimally and stand the test of time. Continue reading

Liquid level sensors are useful devices with a very important function in industrial industries; they ensure that all processes and operations in these industries function as they should, without a glitch. The main purpose of a liquid level sensor is to monitor and control the level of liquids in huge tanks and vessels. Continue reading

What Are Proximity Sensors?

Proximity sensors are electronic devices that detect the distance of an object in relation to the sensor itself. These devices use electromagnetic radiation to detect how far or near an object is, and then they send out a signal. Proximity sensors are great because they are reliable and have a good life span; they require little to no protective maintenance. Continue reading

Industrial speed sensors are useful devices that monitor and signal the speed, direction, vibration and temperature of a rotating shaft; their purpose is to ensure that the shaft isn’t rotating too fast or too slow, which could cause damage to the machine. There are different types of industrial speed sensors available in the market; each speed sensor is equipped with either a digital or analogue signal output. Continue reading

Rotary encoders are electromechanical devices that are commonly used in automated industrial machinery and on servomotors. These devices are sensors that track the rotation of motor shafts and generate information regarding the digital position and motion of the motor shafts; the information gathered is converted into an analogue or digital code. Continue reading

An isolation switch is a manually operated mechanical switch which electrically isolates a circuit from the main power; it helps to ensure that there is an efficient distribution of power. This switch can be used to add more power to your vehicle as it separates your primary battery system from your auxiliary battery; the isolator enables you to use accessories such as winches without affecting the power in the primary battery. Continue reading

Process manufacturers are faced with multiple considerations when choosing a valve controller/switchbox that will best meet their application needs. Key aspects to consider include product endurance in demanding environments, agency certification, ease of installation, maintenance requirements, and product support.

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The Badger Meter B-MAG M5000, is ideally suited for leak detection in water networks, water consumption measurements and irrigation plants, the meter has been designed for applications without a power supply where exact consumption or flow rates are required. Of course, the B-MAG™ I M5000 can also be used with an available power supply. The meter can be powered with main voltage, and in case of a mains-failure, it is powered by an internal battery with a lifespan of 12 years. This has the benefit of important data which is saved.

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It takes energy to create energy. According to Finance Week, Eskom consumes approximately 120 million tons of coal a year for electricity generation. With such a high demand for electricity, energy companies constantly seek new methods of streamlining generation processes and reducing costs. For one major energy plant, GO® Switch leverless limit switches from TopWorx have helped achieve that goal.

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Siemens decides on HAUBER-Elektronik Type 663 to monitor sugar centrifuges

Intermittent Batch Process sugar centrifuges are usually subjected to very high fluctuating loads / stresses as a result of their cyclic operation with varying RPMs and varying mash / slurry loads.

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