Level indicators are devices that are used to detect the level of liquids, powders and granular materials. These devices are used in numerous environments from small containers to lakes. There has been a significant advancement in sensor technologies; they are easy to use and portable. A liquid level sensing device can be placed on the wall of a container and within seconds an exact measurement will be displayed. Below we take a look at 3 different level sensors and their various applications. Continue reading

At Switches International we understand that power outages are an inconvenience and a disruption to the daily functioning of homes and businesses.  Backup generators have become a necessity throughout South Africa due to the inconsistent supply of power from our utility company. Home and business owners who operate generators will understand the functional importance of Automatic Transfer Switches. Continue reading

The current electricity crisis in South Africa has resulted in many home and business owners considering alternative options. As we can no longer rely on an uninterrupted power supply from our utility company, we must find a sustainable solution. The use of solar power has been viewed as the best solution as it is a renewable source of energy that is ideally suited to our sunny climate. Switches International recognises the need for the availability of solar supplies. As a result we stock all the necessary solar requirements for your convenience. Continue reading

A solar inverter is an electronic device that is an essential component in a photovoltaic or solar PV system. The solar panels absorb sunlight and the solar inverter changes the electric current from DC to AC. As a result, the inverter allows the energy generated from sunlight to be used to power electronic appliances and systems. Continue reading

Switches International is a renowned supplier of high quality industrial switches and sensors. Formed in 1990, Switches International is a family run business that goes the extra mile to meet the specialised requirements of our valued customers.  Our dedicated sales team and professional technical staff are at hand to assist with any queries regarding our products and services. Continue reading

Switches supply an extensive range of load cells from single point to spoke-type and tension link. But what is a load cell and what are their uses?

Load cells are used in a number of industries as a standard weight measuring device. Also referred to as strain gauges, these devices are able to measure a mechanical force like tension or compression and convert the measurement into an analogue or digital reading. When a load or weight is applied to a structure, the sensing element changes, from the use of an internal transducer, a measurement of weight can be recorded. Continue reading

A hygrometer or humidity sensor is a device that is used to measure the moisture content in an environment. Humidity measurement instruments usually rely on measurements of a quantity such as temperature, pressure, mass or a mechanical or electrical change in a substance as moisture is absorbed. By calibration and calculation, these measured quantities can lead to a measurement of humidity. Humidity sensors are used in both commercial and domestic environments.
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If you require solar devices and equipment then Switches International has the solution. With Eskom’s current energy crisis, South Africans are looking for alternative energy sources. The popular choice for many home and business owners is solar power. This renewable source of energy is undoubtedly the way of the future. If you are considering this option then Switches International will provide you with the apparatus you need to get connected. Continue reading