Switches International offers a wide range of solar supplies, including connectors, surge protectors and so much more. Each of these products offer several benefits to your solar system. Find out more about these products and the benefits that they offer below:


Solar batteries are very beneficial as they give you the opportunity to store your excess solar energy for later use. This brings you one step closer to have an incredibly self-sufficient home or business.


Surge protectors

In the case of a lightning strike or a power surge, the surge protectors will protect any of the electronic products in your household from damage. Our solar surge protectors do this by diverting the extra energy into the ground wiring.


Solar connectors

Solar connectors are a part of our wide range of solar supplies. These connectors are used to attach various components of your solar system together to ensure the flow of electricity through these components into your home or business.


Solar inverter

Solar supplies such as solar inverters are necessary components of the solar system. The absence of solar inverters in the system would prevent the use of solar energy as a source of electricity. Solar inverters convert direct current into alternating current, allowing the energy to be used to power a house or business.


Charge controller

The charge controller is a solar product that is used to prevent the overcharging – or over discharging – of a solar battery by regulating the voltage and current within the battery.


Solar spanner

Switches International supplies solar spanners, specifically designed to allow you to easily connect or disconnect the solar connectors within your solar system.