EAE-3D (Aluminium)

EUROTEC GmbH manufactures Valve Switchboxes for the automation of industrial valves, with SIL 2 Rating.


External options include: 3D-dome indication, Flat-top versions, and Disc-indication – For Zones 1, 2 and 21 and 22 – ATEX Approved.

    • Sensor / switch options include: P&F (NBB3-V3-Z4, NBB2-V3-E0, NBB2-V3-E2, NJ2-12GM40-E2, NJ2-V3-N, SJ3,5-N) , IFM-Proximities, Mechanical-switches, and FESTO Pneumatic-switches.


    • Wiring-options include: 2-Wire, 3-Wire, 4-Wire, NAMUR, Pneumatic, Mechanical, and AS-I BUS.



The new cam-interlocking system allows the simple manual setting without tools of up to 3 cams one upon the other in a pivoting range of 360°. Every cam can be adjusted separately.

Furthermore the visual indication will be independent from the position of the cams. Only 3 steps to adjust:

1) Push the cam down
2) turn it into the desired position
3) release.

The plastic-housings are available in either polycarbonate, or Engineered-resin, with environmental protection of IP67.

Eurotec also manufactures Couplings and Brackets for mounting.

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