EAM36 (Absolute)

Eltra presents a High Resolution, Compact, Robust and Cost effective multi-turn encoder without gears or battery.

Wherever drives need compact and cost effective feedback systems, or in applications demanding particularly compact size, or customer specific applications fields, the EAM36 series represents an excellent choice with its robustness, high resolution (51 bit in total), small size (only 36 mm of OD and 43 mm of length), reliability and gear & battery free.

What makes the EAM36 encoder series special is the unique technology used to count the number of rotations that the device does.

There are multiple ways of providing this capability, but these have drawbacks. One possible approach would have been to use a gear box to drive a second magnet that would move one increment with each rotation of the shaft.

The problem of this approach is that it would add complexity, size and cost to the device. Another option would be an electronic counter with a battery backup.

Batteries however must be checked periodically and occasionally replaced adding to maintenance costs. Moreover, batteries are unreliable under hot and harsh industrial conditions and represent a hazardous waste potentially requiring specific care for the disposal.

The solution that the Eltra designers developed is based on the ‘Wiegand effect’.

The key feature of the EAM 36multi-turn encoders is that the turn counter mechanism is self-powered. The encoder shaft rotation generates enough electrical energy – independently from the rotating speed – to trigger the turn counter and to save the event in a non-volatile random-access memory (FeRAM).

The magnetic technology is the key contributor for ruggedness and compact size of the EAM36 complementing the well-known Eltra’s multi-turn optical series (EAM58, EAM63).


  • Compact size (OD: 36 mm, solid shaft housing length: 43 mm )
  • High resolution (51 bit total)
  • Electronic zero set
  • Wide working temperature range (-20/ 100?C)
  • Quick and simple assembly


  • Medical devices
  • Heavy construction machinery
  • Automated doors
  • Elevator systems
  • High-demanding factory automation systems
  • High reliability application


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