ED4000 (Speed Monitor)

ED4000(SM4) Speed Monitor is a totally new rotational speed monitoring equipment; it uses the principle of photo detector and microprocessor to accurately calculate a wide range of rotational speed. It detects rang 1~999rpm and the rotational speed display on 7-seg led.

There is a contact relay that could be used either for alarm or control purposes during the monitoring process. The alarm set point could be directly set by numerical knobs which is more convenient and more accurate than conventional means.

It comes equipped with analogue-signal output which could be utilized for various display indications and more precise control. Other features include anti-reverse-action, which could prevent the wrong power supply connection after maintenance of the motor. It is ideal for applications in monitoring low speed, stop and overload situations.



  • Low speed and overload protection monitoring of various conveyer systems
  • Networked circuits to form sequential start or stop

Frequently used machines: Grain and COAL storage vertical conveyer machines and belt conveyer machines

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