EG-FUEL Level Sensors

Magneto-restrictive Level Transmitter measures the accurate medium (D) by calculating the time travel of signal formed by two different magnetic field. One magnetic field comes from the float ball, and the other comes from the current pulse given by the waveguide tube.

When the pulse signal is reversed back to the waveguide coil, the transmitter will calculate the float ball (liquid level) based on the time interval and travel speed the pulse signal between the two magnet field. This action is continuous and timely. The change of float position will be detected promptly with analogue-signal output. This unit can successfully distinguish between water and fuel-levels in a tank dash; i.e. Oil/water- DUEL level indication.

Ex-versions available for hazardous applications. RS485 / Analogue (4~20mA)-communication. Tank sizes: Up to 5,5m high and Temperatures of up to 200 °C max. Applications: FUEL depots, Telecom sites, Beverage plants, Water storage, Pharmaceutical, Liquefied Natural Gas.

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