EL63X (Stainless)

Eltra (Italy)has introduced to the market the stainless steel encoder line based on its EL63 model. Stainless steel encoders represent the best solution to withstand challenges of harsh environments such as oil refining, chemical processing, corrosive atmospheres and food and beverage processing. Moreover, thanks to the specific design (rounded corners, flat surfaces) this encoder type is particularly suitable for food and beverage applications where the risk of deposits on the device is dramatically high. Harsh industrial applications often expose plant equipment to caustic chemical substances, cause shorter lifetime and deterioration of the device. Eltra’s stainless steel encoder line minimize expensive downtime and replacement needs. Featuring exceptional resistance to the corrosive agents often found in wash-down and chemical applications, this product line is ideal for use in chemical, petrochemical, food, and medical industries. Nonetheless, the new series is available either with optical (wider resolution range, single or multi-turn) or magnetic technology (higher temperature range, resistance to shocks and vibrations) The full offer of new stainless steel encoder by Eltra includes: optical incremental (resolution up to 10.000 ppr; NPN, push pull and line driver output stages), optical absolute (single turn with a resolution up to 13 bit and multi turn up to 27 bit; both with SSI or Profibus output) and magnetic incremental (resolution up to 2.048 ppr) and magnetic absolute (up to 13 bit single turn with SSI and Profibus output).

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