The side-mounted float LEVEL switch (FF-series) by Finetek, is manufactured specifically for horizontal mounting on tanks or vessels. They work well as high or low level controls.

1. Both Micro-switch types and Reed Switches are available as contacts. The MicroSwitch type is usable at temperatures of up to 100°C, whereas the ReedSwitch type can handle up to 200°C.

2. Optional versions for very high temperatures (FF-62) are available for ranges up to 350°C.

3. Mounting flanges are custom-made (JIS, DIN, ANSI).

4. A wide variety of floats for different solutions’ Specific-Gravities (S.G.) are available.

5. Wetted part material ranges from plastics, stainless steel, anti-corrosion, and explosion proof (Exd) types.

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