Flexible Couplings

ELTRA elastic precision couplings are essential parts for the transmission of rotational motion to the encoder shaft. Couplings are designed in aluminium alloy (type D11S A.A 2011) and are composed by a cylindrical body on which there is an helicoidal groove.

Main characteristics are:

Torsional rigidity

Ability to support slight shaft misalignments

Ability to absorb small axial shift of the shaft.
ELTRA elastic couplings also have the function of perfectly balancing the rotating body.

Furthermore, they perfectly transmit the rotation motion, even in case of axial misalignment. Our couplings do not require any type of maintenance. The internal drain allows the coupling between the shafts from a minimum of 0.5mm to a maximum of 6.12mm (note ?F? quota).

NOTE: Elastic Coupling can be supplied with different coupling diameters. Eg: d1=8mm, d2=10mm. In this case the identification code should be: G25A8/10.

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