MAGYN (Electro-MAG)

MAGYN (Electro-MAG)

Electro-Magnetic flow-meter. Water pipes: DN15..DN2400 (0.3m³..162,800m³/hr).

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The MAGYN-series Intelligent Electro-magnetic Flow-meter measure the flow-rate of WATER by using induced electromotive force.

Required Application info: TYPE of Liquid, Pressure, Fluid Temperature (min + max), Flow-RANGE (min+normal+max m³/hr), and accuracy required


  • Independent of variances in temperature, pressure, viscosity, and density of the measured conductive liquid.
  • Easy maintenance: NO moving parts to wear out.
  • Turndown ratio: 1:100
  • Ingress protection: IP68 (DN15..DN1200)
  • Technology: Backlit-LCD display, Menu control settings, Three-level password protection, optional two-way measurement, Self-detect + self-diagnosis
  • Multi-Output: Pulsed-output (STD), RS485, Analogue (4..20mA)
  • Linings: Various linings available, in order to cover just about all conductive liquids.



    • Accuracy: 0,3%,  0,5%, and 1%
    • Ambient-temperature: <70°C (excl. Transmitter)
    • Nominal-pressure: 6..320 Bar (0.6MPa..32MPa)
    • Power-supply: 24VDC   or   100-240VAC

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