FOAM Level Sensor

FOAM Level Sensor

Suresens Foam-Liquid level probe. Relay + 4..20mA/Atex.

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The Foam Level Sensor has been purposely designed and manufactured to detect, analyse and process virtually any foam.

This device has the following benefits:

  • Huge reductions in anti-foam products.
  • Increased batch sizes.
  • Reduces environmental pollution.
  • Improved production efficiency.
  • Immune to probe fouling.


Foam level sensors have the following applications:

  • Food processing.
  • Bio-fuels.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • Water and waste.
  • Chemicals.
  • Coolants.
  • Resin production.
  • Tanker washing plants.
  • Alcohol distilleries.
  • Pressure cookers.
  • Animal feed.
  • Oil lubrication.


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