FR (Cylindrical)


The FR series cylindrical photocell is capable of a retroreflective sensing and is equipped with a built-in amplifier that is used for optical proximity switching.

This product has the following features:

    • It is fitted with a contamination output.


    • Diffuse reflective.


    • Compensates ambient dirt.


    • High immunity to electromagnetic noises and ambient lights.


Thru-beam mode: M8: sn=80mm_/ 150mm____ M12: sn= 5.2 m_____ M18: sn=15m
Diffuse mode: M12: sn=200mm___ M18: sn= 500mm,5150mm(Narrow Light)
Retro-reflective mode: M12: sn=2m, 1m (With Polarizing Fitters), M18: sn=1m(With Polarizing Fitters) ,_ 3m

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