FS-A022-W (Magnetic-Proxy)

MAGNETIC PROXY SWITCH: ATEX-rated, Field-Wireable, 316-Stainless (M18).

Euroswitch proximity switches have been designed using the latest materials and production methods offering industry a highly dependable sealed sensor for use in the most arduous and hazardous applications, these devices change their output state when a piece of ferrous material such as mild steel or 400 series stainless steel enters the sensing area, they are ideal for arduous and hazardous applications.


The FS-A022-W (Magnetic-Proxy) is a proximity switch that has the following features:

  • ATEX Exd IIC T4/T6, IP 66/67
  • Zone 1, 2, 21, 22
  • Back Entry Wireable Head for Direct Termination


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