K9 (1~400 Bar)

This adjustable pressure switch activates a microswitch once a preset pressure value is reached. The preset pressure is set by rotating the external nut clockwise to increase, and vice-versa to decrease the value. The nut is supplied with a locking device to stop the instrument once the pressure value is reached. Mechanical stops protect both the spring and the microswitch from over pressurization.

This device has the following features:

    • Body: 32 mm hexagonal in zinc-plated carbon steel
    • Metal ring: Ø 40 mm in anodised aluminium
    • Assembly: in every position
    • Working temperature: from -20°C to 80°C
    • Switching frequency: 120 cycles/min
    • Operating point: adjustable through an external metal ring
    • Switching accuracy: ±2% of E.o.S. to 20°C
    • Fixed hysteresis: ~ 15% of E.o.S. to 20°C
    • Weight: 0,4 Kg
    • Mechanical life: 106 cycles at 70 bar (1000 psi) at 20°C

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