LG 1

The LG1 vertical operation level gauges are suitable for signaling the minimum or maximum level of a fluid in the tank. The LG1R series allows for execution with the possibility of regulating the height of the float, while the LG1T series includes the electric contact for the control of the temperature.


This product has the following technical features:

  • Flange of fastening : in fibred nylon
  • Rod: in Brass OT62
  • Float: in nylon
  • Assembly – in vertical position by 3 different types of hydraulic connection in only one execution:
    – two holes flange (180)
    – three holes flange (120)
    -BSP Male thread connection
  • Installation: must be foreseen at least at 50mm from ferrous walls and far from magnetic fields
  • Maximum inclination 15
  • Working temperature: from -20C to 90C
  • Maximum viscosity of the fluid: 150 St
  • Minimum dimensions of the entire level gauge: 150mm
  • Available dimensions: values with increase of 50 mm from the minimum quote
  • Mechanical life: 106 cycles at 20C
  • Electric Features:
    – Electric connection according to DIN 43650
    – Electric protection according to DIN 40050: IP65
    – Electric Reed contacts in exchange
    – Maximum load on the electric contacts:
    – AC up to 48 Volt  1 Amp re
    – DC up to 48 Volt  0.5 Amp re
  • Warranty: see dedicated page

Switches International also offers the following:
– LG1R: with adjustable level of intervention.
– LG1 _ T _: with incorporated bimetallic thermostat.

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