Safety Cable Pull Switch (SRS)

FINETEK Conveyor-belt PULL switch. Robust construction – IP67. 2-Direction.

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Belt conveyor safety cable pull switches are designed for providing a switching system to isolate the power to the conveyor system and other equivalent process equipment in the emergency condition. The cable pull switches are actuated by a plastic coated steel wire, which is placed alongside the conveyor. When you pull on the cable at any point, it will trip and automatically lock the switches, de-energizing the conveyor starter contactor.

Each switch is bi-directional in operation and has two cables fitted to it from opposite directions, terminated with a spring at the anchor points. After tripping, the mechanical latch can be released only on the switch itself by the reset lever.


This product has the following applications:

  • Emergency or normal stop for below facilities
  • Conventional Belt Conveyors
  • Shuttle Conveyors
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Packaging Lines
  • Stockpile/Reclaim systems, Cranes, Shovels, Draglines
  • Ship Loading / Unloading System
  • Horizontal Feed Systems


This product has the following features:

  • Universal design for bi-direction activation
  • Compact design for tight-fit areas
  • IP67 rugged die-cast aluminum housing
  • Manual reset lever
  • Easily orientated at either end or intermediate position in pull cable run
  • Cable Pull 30 for shutting down system
  • Highly visible black arm easily shows condition of the switch, indicating alarm or normal

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