LSZ-Series (Oils)

The LSZ-series Double-Rotator flow meter (also called Bi-Rotor flow meter) is a new kind of positive displacement flow meter developed specifically to serve as the heart of loading facilities at oil product depots.

The measuring chamber contains a pair of rotors with special spiral teeth, which eliminates pulsation in the flow stream. The self-lubricating design can measure oil flow, even with sand content, or if the oil contains water. This flow-meter has many advantages, such as high-accuracy, smooth running/low-noise, and long lifespan.

These units are available in various accuracy ranges (0,5..0,1%), and feature either Digital or mechanical meters/displays. Safety grading of Exd IIC T6-IP65. Pipe diameters that can be accommodated, are DN 15..DN400 diameters, and flow-rates from 0,6m3/hr..1600m3/hr, with either pulses, or analogue (4..20mA) outputs.

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