RF – Admittance Transmitter

The Admittance Level Transmitter utilizes the capacitance formed between the sensing probe and the reference probe or the metal vessel wall to calculate the level of the medium inside the vessel according to the capacitance theory that the capacitance and vessel are proportional increased. When the probe is surrounding by the air, little capacitance (C) is measured by the equivalent A capacitor, the capacitance increases gradually as the computing media, the max. capacitance (C) will be measured while the tank is full, the difference (dC) between C and C is proportional to the level. AB(Recommend range dC =25 ~2000 pF).

Important to note: The level sensor MUST be earthed (4-20mA signal-screened) to prevent inaccurate readings.

This product has the following features:

  • Loop power
  • Low consumption of power (20mA Max)
  • Range: Up to 1500mm
  • High accuracy of linearity ( lt;1% FS)
  • Temperature compensation, low temperature effect (0.2% FS /C)
  • Easy calibration (Any 2 points for calibration)
  • No blind distance, ideal for different tanks
  • Suitable for high temperature (200 deg;C), high pressure (40kg/cm sup2;), and corrosive environment

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