SC-Vibrating Probe (SC1110)

The SC1110 is a vibrating probe of a level switch operated by using two piezoelectric elements built on a vibration tube. The first piezoelectric element is triggered by the pulse signal from a circuit to transport vibration energy out, and the other piezoelectric element receives the vibration and transmits it to output electric signal.

While the probe contacts material, the detection signal will be decayed and the vibration will hold and send out the relay on. The vibrating probe of a level switch provides reliable amp and it is maintenance-free for bulk solids.

Only a simple mounting and calibration procedure is required to keep your facility in save and monitoring. This device can withstand fiercely lateral loads and static electricity. It is user-friendly; it is equipped with fail-safe as a standard feature to prevent a malfunction that could be caused by a power shortage.

This device has the following features:

– A sturdy and durable design; no calibration is needed.
– Special design to avoid the accumulation of material on the probe.
– High/low fail-safe modes.
– Field-adjustable-sensitivity that can adapt to substances of varying densities.

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