SD20-Optical Level

The SD20 Optical Level switch (from FINETEK) operates on a refracted infrared light principle. When covered by the liquid, light is refracted, which triggers the switch (with LED).

Product features include:

  • Either PNP or NPN-output switching.
  • Enclosures available in PolyCarb (Standard), Polysulphide, or Stainless-steels.
  • Suitable in both alkaline/acid applications.


The following mediums can be measured:

  • Waste-water
  • Greases
  • Alcohol


The Optical Level switch has the following specifications:

  • Protection-IP68.
  • Temperatures: -10..125?C. Supply: 12..24VDC.
  • Thread: G3/8-male.
  • Switching: PNP/NPN-N.Open/N.Closed.


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