SX-ST40 (Temp Transmitter)

Temperature Transmitter Range <200°C. Out 4… 200mA/0… 10V. Probe:<100mm

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Switches International offers a range of premium temperature transmitters, included in this range us the SX – ST40 Temperature Transmitter. This INDUSTRIAL temperature transmitter is designed for applications like automation, water-supply, hydraulic, pneumatic, cooling/heating, and HVAC systems.

The SX-ST40 units feature a range of -50 up to 200°C, with ranges in-between (i.e. 0..50°C). These units are manufactured from stainless-steel, with either G½”, or G¼” threads.

Output signals include either 4..20mA or 0..10VDC, with an accuracy of 0,2%, with an optional LED-Display/switch module.

This product has the following features:

  • Display physics value: -–
  • Pressure drop less than 4.5V, 3mA.
  • You can choose a 2-channel switch signal output (optical coupling output), the switch signal can set.
  • The key-pressure is programmable. Can set : Zero/Full scale/decimal/damping time/switch alarm/normally open and normally closed output.
  • LED display can read it in the dark.
  • It is suitable for ll types of 2-wire transmitters; power is not needed.


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