THS88MAX (Compressed-Air)

The THS88 is a dew-point transmitter that is capable of temperature compensation and linear adjustment. This device has a measuring range of -100~ 60.


The THS88 dew point transmitter has the following features:

  • High accuracy and long-term stability.
  • Bearable pressure : 16BAR.
  • Analogue output : 0-1V/0-5V/1-5V/0-10V/2-10V/0-20mA/4-20mA.
  • Standard MODBUS RTU protocol, RS-485 communication interface.
  • Easy to install.
  • High pressure, low humidity.
  • Comes with free programmable software.


This product has the following applications:

  • Compressed air system / freezer / adsorption machine
  • Plastic Dryer / industrial drying process
  • Paper / Chemical Process Monitoring


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