ZV-Series (Switch / Sensor)

“ZV” adjustable flow indicators allow a reed micro switch commutation once a present flow value is reached. The operating point is reached slide the Din-housing

Technical Features :

Body : in nickel-plated brass

– in vertical position with flow direction from the bottom to the top
– minimum distance of 30 mm from inductive magnet fields and
ferrous parts

Hydraulic connection :
½” BSP female till to ZV6
¾” BSP female for ZV7 and ZV8

Working temperature : from -20 °C to 100°C
Weight : 0.2 Kg
Mechanical life: 106 cycles at 20°C

Electric Features:
– Electric connection according to DIN 43650
– Electric protection according to DIN 40050: IP65
– Standard electrical contact : exchange
– Maximum load on the electric contacts:
– Alternate current to 48 Volt – 1 Ampère
– Direct current to 48 Volt – 0.5 Ampère

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