BD SENSORS now offers devices with digital interfaces

BD | SENSORS now offers, besides the classic analogue pressure and level transmitters, also devices with digital interfaces. The basis is the interface standard RS 485, which has a high electromagnetic immunity due to the symmetric signal transmission, and which is suitable for a maximum wire length of up to 1 km.

BD-SENSORS-with-digital-interfacesBesides these characteristics, the network capability is an important criterion, which is why the RS 485 standard is among other things the basis for the different PROFIBUS interfaces.

BD|SENSORS uses ModBus RTU communication protocol. The DCT331 pressure transmitter features a range from 100mBar to 600 Bar with a stainless sensor. Also, the DCT 387 Level transmitter offers a range from 1m to 100 mH2O with RS485 Modbus RTU output, and a ceramic sensor. Both units have an optional Atex-certification, as well as SIL-rating.

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