The Different Uses of Electronic Displays

Electronic displays are everywhere – at the gym, in your home, in your car and on billboards. They are primarily used to display information in a form that it can be seen, even in the dark. Electronic displays come in both analogue and digital form. These devices can display digits and alphanumeric characters. They are often referred to as segment displays because they comprise segments which can be turned on and off to display desired information.


Electronic display


Where are electronic displays used?


At airports all over the world, electronic displays are those devices that you constantly look up at to see whether you have missed your boarding time or not. They also display your flight number and the relevant airline.


We all know how frustrating it is to wait for an order once we have placed it. In some countries, electronic displays are used in restaurants to enable customers to check the progress of their order. This is great because you get an opportunity to see how far your order is and prevent yourself from becoming angry as a result of your hunger.


Exercise equipment

When you’re running on a treadmill, you look at the electronic display to see how many more minutes or kilometres you still have to run to reach your goal.



A tachometer is a device that detects the speed of your engine. The electronic display is used to display the speed of your engine as it is measured by the tachometer.


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