Excellent Design for an innovative process pressure transmitter

For the outstanding design of the process transmitter x|act BD SENSORS was awarded with the IF product design award 2006. Thus the worldwide most famous design award was handed out to a successful medium sized company. This does not only prove the competitiveness of BD SENSORS, but also the independent design competence of the company.

Excellent Design for an innovative process_clip_image002Product concept, -development and design of the process pressure transmitter x|act was the responsibility of the company’s own developing department, which we are thankful for, that the pressure transmitter, consisting of an appealing shape in a hygienic stainless steel ball housing which has convinced the IF-Jury in design quality, processing, selection of material, functionality, ergonomics, manual visualization and safety. The international jury this year assessed 1952 products from 37 countries in very different categories. In the past 52 years the IF Label, with which the products can be marked, has become to a symbol of the highest quality, and is recognized internationally.  SENSORS FOR THE WORLD.

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Our company has vast experience embedded in it’s dedicated sales and technical staff. Our product lines extend to Proximity sensors, Valve Indication, Pressure sensors/switches, Rotary/Linear encoders, PhotoCell systems, Change-over switches, Speed, Temperature, Flow and Level sensors.

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