Limit Switch Applications

Limit switches are controlled by the motion of a mechanical part or presence of an object. Once a limit has been reached the device will operate the contacts to make or break an electrical connection. Limit switches are used in a variety of diverse applications in numerous industries.

Conveyor-Belt Switch (SRT)Limit switches are industrial electromechanical devices that can determine the absence or presence, passing, positioning or end point of an object. These switches can be used to monitor your production process and detect potentially hazardous condition. A limit switch can activate an alarm to alert you to a hazard. For example, a conveyor belt limit switch can detect belt misalignment and will protect the belt from damage due to “run-off”. Limit switches provide a necessary safety component and precautionary measure to dangerous machinery.  These switches are widely used due their durability, simple installation and reliability.

While limit switches are utilised in numerous mechanical industries, they are also present in our day- to-day appliances such as microwaves,Mini-Limit-Switches-Type-ME printers and even garage doors. These mini limit switches ensure that internal components are correctly aligned for optimal performance. For example, a set of limit switches will detect when a garage door is fully raised or lowered and shut off the motor once a certain position is reached.

Switches International offers a selection of 8 limit switches for you to choose from. We offer mini limit switches, conveyor belt switches, cable pull switches and more. Switches International offers a complete sensor solution. For more information on our range of limit switches, please contact Switches International today.

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