GAS Transmitter

KQ500 series fixed gas detector (also called gas transmitter): with years of experience in designing and producing detector, we develop our new product with electrochemical sensor.

It can be widely used in metallurgy, petrol, petrifaction, chemistry, light industry, coking, municipal administration, gas, pharmacy, sewage dealing and many other special industries and fields.

It can detect various gases such as flammable gas, O2,H2S,CO,HCN,NO2,SO2,NH3,HCL,CL2,H2 etc. The device adopts intrinsic safety type channel design, standard 4~20mA two wires signal output.

It can transfer data in long distance, can get into the DSC system directly. The detector has high sensitivity, quick response, long lifetime, polarization time and many other characteristics.

Main features:

  • It can detect various kinds of gas. High precision.
  • Fixed explosion-proof shell; it’s safe and reliable.
  • Standard 4-20mA electric current output, compatible with existing alarm control unit or PLC/DSC/Digital-Display.
  • Imported sensor, high sensitivity, rapid response, stable and reliable.
  • Operation is simple; easy installation and maintenance.

Technical parameters:

    • Detecting Gas combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen.

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