SE3X (Rotary Paddle)

SE3X rotary paddle level switch is composed of a clutch and a shaft connected with a rotating paddle. While the switch operates, the motor keeps rotating if there is no contact with a substance. Once it makes contact with the substance, the clutch unloads instantly, then the motor stops and triggers an output signal. The SE3X rotary paddle level switch is used in chemical, plastic, cement, pharmaceutical, animal feeding and food industries.

Its compact body and easy installation make it perfectly suitable for limited spaces. The SE3X is also equipped with an adjustable torque-spring to fit wide density range. In addition, the unique dual colour LED indicator enables the user to have a timely observation of the working condition. The wide operating temperature allows it to work in most environments. The embedded motor fixture improves the robustness, reliability and life. It complies with explosion-proof requirements; therefore, users can expect good durability and stability in such environments.

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