Siemens decides on HAUBER-Elektronik Type 663 to monitor sugar centrifuges

Intermittent Batch Process sugar centrifuges are usually subjected to very high fluctuating loads / stresses as a result of their cyclic operation with varying RPMs and varying mash / slurry loads.

Improper mash / slurry inputs or even sugar deposits in the centrifuge drum could, upon acceleration of the centrifuge, lead to dangerous vibration levels resulting in machine fatigue and damage.

Hence, such abnormal vibration levels must be instantly recognized, so as to immediately shut-off the centrifuge, in order to protect against machine damage & human harm.

In the process of modernizing the Intermittent Batch Process sugar centrifuges Type ARO-1250 of the sugar refinery, the complete sensor, drive and automation systems were renewed by SIEMENS-Erlangen.

Respectively for the important task of vibration monitoring, SIEMENS chose HAUBER-Elektronik technology and applied for this specific industrial process the compact HAUBER-Elektronik vibration sensor Type 663.

This said vibration velocity sensor measures the absolute bearing oscillation / mechanical vibration in accordance with DIN ISO 10816 and in compliance with the SIL2 norm.

Its distinguishing characteristics of signal evaluation by means of two integrated relays and an analogue output that delivers a 4…20mA current proportional to the measured value, as well as that both relay contacts are free-programmable and serve as pre-alarm & main alarm, make it an excellent choice for the vibration monitoring of various centrifuge systems, as has already been recognized and applied by SIEMENS-Erlangen.

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