Different Types Of Humidity Sensors

Humidity sensors, otherwise known as hygrometers, are used to measure humidity levels in the atmosphere. There are different types of humidity sensors, but they are all used to detect the level of moisture in the air. Humidity sensors measure humidity through electrical capacitance.


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How Do Humidity Sensors Work?

Humidity sensors are used in various applications such as heating systems, air conditioners and ventilation systems; they can be used in households and office buildings. These devices control humidity levels by measuring moisture and air temperature, and reporting the relative humidity (RH) in the air; their purpose is to ensure that a constant temperature is maintained.

Humidity sensors contain a sensor mechanism that enables them to detect electrostatic changes in the air; the change is detected and converted into a digital reading, which displays the level of moisture in the air.


Different Types Of Humidity Sensors

There are various types of humidity sensors; they come in different sizes, operate in different temperatures, and they detect different levels of accuracy.

There are three main types of humidity sensors:

  1. Capacitive:
    These sensors measure moisture levels using a humidity-dependent condenser; they are suitable for wide RH ranges and condensation tolerance. These sensors are commonly used in industrial and commercial environments.
  2. Resistive:
    These sensors can measure the electrical change in devices such as conductive polymers and treated substrates. They are suitable for use in residential and commercial environments.
  3. Thermal Conductivity:
    These sensors are suitable for use in environments that have high temperatures. They measure humidity by calibrating the difference between the thermal conductivity of dry air and that of moist air.


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