Understanding Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are what make it possible for your industrial equipment to work; they are a source of power for all electrical equipment.  Electrical connectors join components such as wires, boards and chips; they can either serve as a permanent or temporary link between devices. Electrical connectors are used in industries such as the engineering and automation industries.

Electronic Connectors


Electrical connectors are composed of two main components: Housing and terminals; the housing holds the terminals together, it stabilises the connection and protects the contacts from environmental hazards. The terminals provide the electrical conductor which makes a connection possible.

Electrical connectors are classified as male or female based on whether the connector plugs in or is plugged in; male connectors plug in while female connectors are plugged in. A female connector receives input from other devices such as plugs while the male connector relies on the input of the female connector; understanding the different connector genders and their functionality will help you use the connector correctly.

Electrical connectors fit into one, or more, of the following categories:

  • Wire-to-board or subassembly-to-subassembly level.
  • Box-to-box or input/output level.
  • IC chip or chip-to-package level.
  • IC package or package-to-board level.
  • PC board-to-board level.


Two examples of electrical connectors

Terminal blocks

Included in the composition of this type of connector is an insulator base.  Terminal blocks are a conduit of power for electronic equipment; they are compatible with wires and clips connected by clamping, screwing or soldering.

Anderson Connectors

Anderson connectors are used for transmitting high-capacity DC (direct current) electrical power. They are made of copper alloy and tin; this ensures that the connector is corrosion resistant and allows for easy conductivity.




Electrical connectors are essential for the functionality of many electrical appliances and equipment; they are used extensively on circuits for industrial machinery and backup-electronics.

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